My supplier cannot deliver the cargo to your warehouse. Do you provide a pickup service?

Yes, we can schedule to have your cargo picked up anywhere in the USA or in Trinidad.

What countries do you ship from?

We ship primarily from USA, Trinidad and UK. However, if you’re shipping cargo outside of these countries, Source and Supply can contact our network of freight forwarders and arrange to have your cargo shipped to Barbados.

Can you ship cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc?

Yes. Please contact us for further details.

How can I pay for my shipment?

Your shipment can be sent PREPAID (i.e freight charges paid for before the shipment sets sail) or it can be sent COLLECT (freight charges will be paid at the end of the journey.

Do your freight forwarders provide packaging or crating?

Yes. Our representatives in Trinidad, USA, UK and Canada have various size boxes to accommodate all your shipping needs at an additional cost. Crating is also provided – call us and we will arrange to have your cargo measured to provide you with a quote.

My cargo will be hazardous. Can your freight forwarders ship out this type of cargo?

Yes. CargoBGI can arrange for most hazardous cargo to be shipped to Barbados. Call us for further information.

I have multiple shipments coming from different suppliers. Can I store my cargo in your warehouse until everything arrives and then consolidate into one shipment?

Yes. Our representatives can consolidate your shipment from multiple suppliers. This economical approach maximizes your shipping capabilities. Call us for assistance in getting your shipping logistics sorted out.

How can I start shipping with you?

Call us at (246) 537-2244 and we will guide you through the process. When making purchases from your supplier, have them ship the cargo to our warehouse, making sure that it is clearly labeled with a name and address. We will then contact you when your cargo arrives in Barbados.

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